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Difference between Vessels and Tracheids: A Comparison Table

vessels vs tracheids

Vessels vs Tracheids
Similarities and Differences between Vessels and Tracheids

Vessels and tracheids are the components of xylem, the water and minerals conducting tissue in plants. Vessels and tracheids are jointly known as the tracheary elements of the xylem. Even though, both vessels and tracheids show functional similarities, they do possess some striking differences.

The present post describes the similarities and differences between vessels and tracheids.

Similarities between Vessels and Tracheids

Ø  Both vessels and tracheids are the components of xylem.

Ø  Both are dead cells at maturity.

Ø  Both can transport water.

Ø  Both possess secondary lignified cell wall.

Ø  Both are present in primary and secondary xylem.

Difference between Vessels and Tracheids

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