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Difference Between Dicot and Monocot Stem (Anatomy): A Comparison Table

dicot stem vs monocot stem

Dicot Stem Vs Monocot Stem
Anatomical Similarities and Different Between Dicot Stem and Monocot Stem

(I). Similarities between dicot stem and monocot stem:

Ø  Epidermis is usually single layered in both dicots and monocots

Ø  Thick layer of cuticle present in both groups

Ø  Hypodermis is present in both the group (cell type varies)

Ø  Photosynthetic chlorenchymatous zone is present in the cortex of both dicots and monocots

Ø  Major portions of ground tissue is parenchymatous

Ø  Xylem and phloem are organized as vascular bundles in dicots and monocots

Ø  Vascular bundles are conjoint and collateral in both the groups

Ø  In monocots and dicots xylem and phloem composed of both proto- (protoxylem and protophloem) and meta- elements (metaxylem and metaphloem)

(II). Difference between dicot stem and monocot stem

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