Biostatistics Study Materials

Biostatistics Introduction (Significance, Applications and Limitations of Statistics)

Applications and Limitations Biostatistics

Biostatistics – Introduction
(Significance, Applications and Limitations of Biostatistics)

What is Statistics?

Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics which deals with the collection, classification, analysis and interpretation of data. The word statistics is derived from the Latin word ‘status’ means a ‘political state’ or ‘government’.

What is Biostatistics?

Biostatistics is a branch of biological science which deals with the study and methods of collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of data of biological research. Biostatistics is also called as biometrics since it involves many measurements and calculations. In biostatistics, the statistical methods are applied to solve biological problems. Basic understanding of biostatistics is necessary for the study of biology particularly doing research in biological science. The statistics will help the biologist to: (1) understand the nature of variability and (2) helps in deriving general laws from small samples.

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