catalytic properties of enzymes

Properties of Enzymes PPT (Biochemistry PPT)

features of enzymes ppt

Properties of Enzymes
(Catalytic Property, Specificity, Reversibility and Sensitivity to Heat and pH)

Properties of Enzymes, Catalytic Property, Catalytic Power, Turnover Number of Enzymes, Enzymes with Highest Turnover number – Catalase, Enzyme with Lowest Turnover Number- Lysozyme, Specificity of Enzymes, Optical Specificity, Group Specificity, Absolute Specificity, Geometrical Specificity, Reversibility of Enzymatic Reactions, Irreversible Enzymatic reactions, Sensitivity to Heat and Temperature, Thermolabile Enzymes, Thermo-stable Enzymes, Optimum Temperature, Optimum pH of Enzymes.

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