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Cassava Mosaic Disease PPT

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Cassava Mosaic Disease PPT
(Symptoms, Causal Organism, Etiology and Control Measures)

Cassava Mosaic Disease, Tapioca Mosaic Disease, Tapioca Mosaic Virus, Causal Organism of Tapioca Mosaic Disease, How to Control Cassava Mosaic Disease? What are the symptoms of Tapioca Mosaic Disease, Structure of Tapioca Cassava Mosaic Virus. 

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vein clearing and vein banding

Mosaic Disease of Tapioca: Symptoms and Control Measures

mosaic disease of tapioca

Mosaic Disease of Cassava or Tapioca
(Cassava Mosaic Disease: Symptoms, Causal Organism, Etiology and Control Measures)

Cassava / Tapioca*

viral mosaic in leavesØ  Cassava or Tapioca (Botanical Name: Manihot esculenta; Family: Euphorbiaceae).

Ø  Cassava is a vegetatively propagated tuber crop plant.

Ø  The root tubers of tapioca are rich in starch.

Ø  Cassava is native to South America. Now the cassava is cultivated worldwide.

Ø  Cassava is a staple food in many regions for about 600 million people worldwide.

Ø  Linamarin is a cyanogenic glucoside found in the roots of cassava plants.

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