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Anatomy of Dicot Root Primary Structure with PPT

Dicot root under microscope

Anatomy of Dicot Root (Primary Structure)
(Primary Anatomical Structure of a Dicot Root- Tinospora / Ficus Cross Section under Microscope)

Ø  Anatomy of a dicot root primary structure can be studied through a Cross Section (CS).

Ø  Anatomically, the primary structure in a dicot root is differentiated into the following tissue zones:

(1).   Root cap

(2).   Epidermis

(3).   Cortex

(4).   Endodermis

(5).   Pericycle

(6).  Vascular Tissue

(7).   Conjunctive Tissue

(8).   Pith

Record Diagram for Dicot Root

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Botany lecture notes

Anatomy of Monocot Root Cross Section Key Points with PPT

Monocot Root Cross Section

Anatomy of Monocot Root
(Monocot Root Cross Section Under Microscope with Diagram)

Ø  The anatomical features of a monocot root can be studied through a cross section (CS) through the root.

Ø  Anatomically, the monocot root has been differentiated into the following parts:

(1).    Epidermis

(2).    Cortex

(3).    Endodermis

(4).    Pericycle

(5).    Vascular Tissue

(6).    Conjunctive Tissue

(7).     Pith

(1). Epidermis

Ø  Epidermis in the root is also known as epiblema, piliferous layer and rhizodermis.

Ø  It is the outermost layer in the root, composed of closely packed parenchymatous cells.

Ø  Usually, the epidermis is single layered with thin walled cells.

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