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DBT BET JRF Exam 2017 Model Questions with Answer Key and Explanations Part 1

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DBT BET JRF Exam, 2017
Model Question Paper with Answer Key and Explanations

(Biology / Life Sciences MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions)

(1).  _____ can serve as an alternative to ethidium bromide to stain DNA for detection on gels

a.       Mitomycin C
b.      Acridine orange
c.       SYBR Green I
d.      Acriflavine

(2). _____ is a sensitive technique to find out the number of template molecules originally present in a PCR reaction.

a.       Hot start PCR
b.      Real time PCR
c.       AP PCR
d.      Reverse Transcriptase PCR

(3).  Using __________ it is possible to generate fluorescence in quantitative PCR reactions

a.       TaqMan probes
b.      Molecular beacons
c.       Scorpion probes
d.      All of the above

(4). For whole genome amplification, creating very long DNA products ________ method can be employed with great success

a.       MDA
b.      PEP
c.       iPEP
d.      DOP

(5).  ________ polymerase has the ability to add ~70,000 nucleotides every time it binds to primer and has a very low error rate.

a.       Taq polymerase
b.      Tli polymerase
c.       Pfu polymerase
d.      Bacteriophage ϕ 29 polymerase

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