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MCQ on Industrial Biotechnology with Answer Key (Biotechnology MCQ 03)

MCQ on Fermentation Technology

(Biology / Life Sciences MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions in Biotechnology)

MCQ on Industrial Biotechnology
(Sample/Model/Practice Questions for CSIR JRF/NET Life Science Examination, ICMR JRF Exam, DBT BET JRF Exam, GATE BT and XL Exam, ICAR JRF NE Exam, PG Entrance Exam, JAM Exam, GS Biology Exam and Medical Entrance Exam)

(1). Which of the following materials is used as a bio-plastic?

a.       Polystyrene
b.      Polypropylene
c.       Polyhydroxybutyrate
d.      Dextran

(2). A Trickling filter is used for:

a.       Antibiotic production
b.      Beer production
c.       Citric acid manufacturing
d.      Waste water treatment

(3). A double spiral heat-exchanger is a:

a.       Direct heat exchanger
b.      Indirect heat exchanger
c.       A temperature control device
d.      Thermostat

(4). The importance of Yeast Extract in the industrial fermenter is:

a.       Act as vitamin and micronutrient source
b.      Acts nitrogen source
c.       Acts as carbon source
d.      Acts as carbon and vitamin source

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