Botany lecture notes

Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer Recruitment Test 2003 – Original Solved Question Paper Part 1

Kerala psc assistant professor recruitment

Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer / Assistant Professor Question Paper (250/2003)

Original solved question paper of Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor examination conducted by Kerala PSC (Kerala Public Service Commission) for the appointment of Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Government Colleges of Kerala under the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Trivandrum, Kerala. Question Paper Code Number 250/2003. Questions are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format. Detailed answer key with explanations are given at end of each set.

Part – 1/5 (Questions 1 – 20)

1. Shuttle vectors are:

a.       Capable of replicating in two different hosts
b.      Produce in two different hosts
c.       Produced in one microbe but multiply in another
d.      Travel between host and parasite

2. The outer layer of the cell wall in gram negative bacteria is

a.       Secondary wall layer
b.      Primary wall membrane
c.       Peri-plasmic membrane
d.      Capsule membrane

3. A bacterium used as bio-insecticide by creating a transgenic plant:

a.       Bacillus thuringiensis
b.       Streptococcus cremoris
c.       Bacillus licheniformis
d.      Thiobacillus cervicii

4. The heat content which is exchanged between isothermal system and its surrounding in bioenergetics change is described as:

a.       Entropy change
b.      Activation energy change
c.       Free energy change
d.      Enthalpy change

5. Carpogonia are:

a.       Diploid structures
b.      Haploid structures
c.       Triploid structures
d.      Tetraploid structures

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Notification of CSIR JRF NET, Life Science Examination

ICAR NET (I) 2016 Notification: Apply Online

icar net 2016 notification

ICAR NET Exam Notification, 2016
Indian Council for Agricultural Research
National Eligibility Test (NET-I)

The Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) will hold the ICAR NET (I)-2016 Examination during 01.08.2016 to 06.08.2016 in Online mode at 23 Centres across India in a staggered slot-wise examination format as per the Rules and Scheme of Examination indicated in this notification. Online registration for the examination shall start from 10.00 hrs on 05.06.2016 till 17.00 hrs on 01.07.2016. National Eligibility Test (NET) is a qualifying examination for determining eligibility for the position of Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and other Agricultural Universities (AUs). Candidates clearing the National Eligibility Test will be eligible to apply for the post of Lecturers or Assistant Professors in the SAUs/AUs. NET certificates will be issued by the ASRB to the qualified candidates to enable them to apply against vacancies to be notified or advertised by the State Agricultural Universities/Agricultural Universities. SAUs/AUs will satisfy themselves with regard to fulfilment of prescribed eligibility condition/criterion for requisite posts of Lecturers/ Assistant Professors including authenticity of the NET Certificate in the possession of the candidates.

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Notification of CSIR JRF NET, Life Science Examination

TMC ACTREC JRF Exam Notification 2016 for Ph.D in Life Sciences


TMC ACTREC JRF for Ph.D in Life Sciences, Notification, 2016

Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC)

(A Grant-in-Aid Institution of the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India)

Applications are invited, in the prescribed format, for the award of JUNIOR RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS (JRF 2016)  for Ph.D. in Life Sciences at Tata Memorial Centre. The Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) is an autonomous Grant-in-aid Institution of the Department of Atomic Energy. The TMC is comprised of the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC) and the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH). The TMC conducts Ph.D. program in Life Sciences and is affiliated to the Homi Bhabha National Institute (Deemed University).

On-going research at TMC includes basic and translational research in Cancer Biology. Specific research topics include study of cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, metastasis, tumor immunology, molecular imaging, carcinogenesis, stem cell biology, biophysics, structural biology, bioinformatics, proteomics, genomics, genetics, epigenetics.

Qualifications: M.Sc. (Applied Biology / Biochemistry / Bioinformatics / Biophysics / Biotechnology / Botany / Life Sciences / Microbiology/ Molecular Biology / Zoology or related Biological Sciences) / M.Tech. (Bioinformatics/ Biotechnology); M.V.Sc.; M.Pharm. from a recognized University, with ³ 60% aggregate marks. Those awaiting results may also apply. Candidates having done post-graduation course of only 1 year duration are not eligible.

Stipend: Rs. 25000/-+ 30% HRA (if hostel facility is not allotted) per month as applicable. Limited hostel facility is available on the ACTREC campus on first come, first served basis.

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Botany lecture notes

HSST Botany Question Paper 2012 by Kerala PSC with Answer Key and Explanations Part 4

Acanthaceae, Strobilanths

Strobilanths kunthiana (source wikipedia)

Kerala PSC HSST Botany 2012 Examination
Higher Secondary School Teacher: Junior & Senior
Question Paper Code 40/2012 (Cat. NO. 449/2010)

Original question paper of Kerala PSC HSST Botany Junior / Senior (Higher Secondary School Teacher Botany), Category No. 449/2010) examination conducted by Kerala PSC (Public Service Commission) on 13/04/2002 (Q. Code 40/2012) for the appointment of HSST Botany in Government Higher Secondary Schools of Kerala under the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, Trivandrum, Govt. of Kerala. Questions are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format.

Part – 4 (Questions 76 – 100)

76.  Fossil fuels are:

a.       Renewable resources
b.      Non-renewable resource
c.       Inexhaustible resources
d.      Non-renewable and exhaustible resource

Ans. (d). Non-renewable and exhaustible resource

77.  Parthenocarpy is induced by the hormone:

a.      BAP
b.      GA
c.       IAA
d.      ABA

Question removed due to confusions in the options

Parthenocarpy: formation of fruit without fertilization. Parthenocarpic fruits are devoid of seeds, Eg. Banana

Gibberellin can induce the formation of seedless fruits but not through parthenocarpy but through stenospermocarpy

Stenospermocarpy: a biological phenomenon which induces seedless fruit formation in some fruits especially grapes. In stenospermocarpic fruits, normal pollination and fertilization is essential to ensure fruit formation. But during the course of fruit development spontaneous embryo abortion takes places and it leads to near seedless condition.  

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Free Net Life Science Study Materials

CSIR NET June 2015 Results Announced / Published (CSIR UGC JRF NET Life Sciences)

CSIR JRF NET June 2015 Results Announced

Free Net Life Science Study MaterialsThe results of CSIR UGC JRF NET Results of June 2015 Examination Published (held on 21/06/2015)


A total of approximately 830 JRFs and 950 NETs in Life Sciences category were included this time..

Congratulation to those who qualified the examination…


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