Ecology Lecture Notes

Major Threats to Biodiversity by Human Activities (Simple, Easy Ecology Lecture Notes)

Causes of biodiversity loss degradation

‘It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for – the whole thing –
rather than just one or two stars’

David Attenborough

What are major threats to biodiversity?

Major threats to biodiversity are:

1.  Habitat destruction/Deforestation

2.  Introduced and invasive species

3.  Genetic pollution

4.   Over exploitation

5.   Hybridization

6.   Climate change

7.   Diseases

8.   Human over-population

(1). Habitat destruction/Deforestation:

Ø  Habitat destruction and deforestation has played a key role in extinction

Ø  Habitat loss occurs when natural habitats are modified for human needs

Ø  Factors causing habitat destruction are: Over-population, Deforestation, Pollution and Global warming

Ø  Habitat size and number of species are systematically related

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