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MCQ on Basics of Microbiology with Answer Key and Explanations (Microbiology MCQ03)

microbiology quizzes on basics

(Biology / Life Sciences MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions in Microbiology)

MCQ on Basics of Microbiology Part – 1
(Sample/Model/Practice Questions for NEET, AIPMT, M.Sc. and Medical Entrance Examination)

(1). Virulence of a microorganism can be best described as:

a.       The ability to penetrate into the host tissue
b.      The ability to colonize in the host
c.       The ability to produce a pathological symptom
d.      The ability to utilize the machinery of the host
e.       All of the above

(2). “The feeling of general discomfort” is called as:

a.       Arthritis
b.      Symptom
c.       Malaise
d.      Pain

(3). The utilization of elemental carbon by microbes during bio-geochemical cycle is called:

a.       Dissimilation
b.      Immobilization
c.       Mineralization
d.      Neutralization

(4). The first antibody to contact invading microorganism is:

a.       IgG
b.      IgA
c.       IgM
d.      IgD

(5). Which of the following vector(s) was extensively used in human genome project?

a.       Plasmid vector
b.      Yeast Artificial chromosome
c.       Cosmid vector
d.      (b) and (c)

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