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Reproduction in Fungi- Part-2: Asexual Reproduction (Lecture Notes & PPT)

Spores in fungi

Asexual Reproduction in Fungi

Ø  Fungi reproduce by vegetative, asexual and sexual methods

Ø  This post describes different types of ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION methods in fungi

Ø  About 20% fungi propagate only by asexual means

Ø  Asexual reproduction take places during favorable condition by the formation of a variety of spores

Ø  Such spores produced by asexual reproduction are called mitospores

Ø  Spores may be unicellular (Aspergillus, Penicillium) or Multicellular (Alternaria, Cercospora)

Ø  Based on the number of cells in spores, asexual spores of fungi are classified into:

1. Amerospore: one celled spores

2. Didymospore: two celled spores

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