Plant Physiology MCQ on Photosynthesis Part I-Light Reaction

mcq on light reaction

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Plant Physiology Quiz on Photosynthesis Part I

This question set on Plant Physiology MCQ-01: Photosynthesis Part-I Light Reactions consists of 15 questions in MCQ format. Please select the correct answer and at the end of the test, you have to click on 'SUBMIT' button to see your Score and the Correct Answers. 

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Which of the following monochromatic lights are more suitable for plant growth?

2. Which of the following statement is true regarding the magnesium porphyring ring and the phytol chain of a chlorophyll molecule?
3. Which of the following statements are true about phytochromes?

(A). They are photoreceptors sensitive to  red and far-red region of the light

(B). Two types (Type I and Type II)

(C). Type I phytochromes are activated by far-red light

(D). Type II phytochromes are activated by red light
4. Which mineral ion play important role in the functioning of photosystem II?

Which of the following statement regarding the photosystem is true?

6. What is the correct molecular formula of Chlorophyll-a?
7. Which of the following statement is true regarding the number of pyrrole rings and the Magnesium atoms in a chlorophyll molecule?
8. Plants dissipate excess excitation energy as heat so as to protect from photo‐oxidative damage. The mechanism is known as
9. DCMU inhibits photosynthesis at photosystem during:
10. Red-drop occurs at ______ wavelength of light.
11. The chlorophyll is formed from proto-chlorophyll in the presence of light. For the formation of a chlorophyll molecule from a proto-chlorophyll how many hydrogen atom(s) are required?
12. The first acceptor of electrons from an excited chlorophyll molecule of photosystem II is:
13. The process of photosynthesis which leads to the formation of glucose is a type of
14. The region of visible light which is most useful for photosynthesis is:
15. The Oxygen Evolving Complex (OEC) of photosynthesis contains a metalloenzyme core containing _______.

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