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(Multiple Choice Questions on DNA: The Genetic Material)

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1. Human sequencing studies suggested that the sequence similarities in human between two individuals are very high. They suggested that on an average two randomly selected human genomes will differ by:
2. Transduction has been used extensively for genome mapping in bacteria. Which of the following is useful for the gene mapping?
3. During which phase of the infection cycle, the DNA polymerase of T4 –Phage is expressed in maximum?
4. If the length of one helix in a DNA is 44 Å, the type of DNA is:
5. Renaturation of the human genome has revealed that it contains both repetitive and non-repetitive sequences. Then, which of the following statement is correct?
6. If a cell has ‘c’ as the DNA content and ‘n’ as the number of chromosomes, then just immediately before the cell division (in case of mitosis) what would be the value of ‘c’ and ‘n’?
7. UV-B induced damages of the DNA by the formation of pyrimidine dimers are repaired by the photolyase enzyme on activation by:
8. The C-value paradox suggests the:
9. DNA ligase of the E. coli obtains energy for the ligation reaction from:
10. Semi-conservative mode of DNA replication can be experimentally demonstrated by using:
11. Among the following which cannot be the part of a gene?
12. The distance between the neighboring base pairs in the DNA is:
13. The overall shape of Z-DNA is:
14. The genome of a virus has a composition of 25% G, 25% C, 25% A and 25%T. The genome is a:
15. Phi X 174 is a:

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