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Genetics Quiz on Cytogenetics

This question set on Genetics MCQ-05: Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics consists of 10 questions in MCQ format. Please select the correct answer and at the end of the test, you have to click on 'SUBMIT' button to see your Score and the Correct Answers. 

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1. If an organism has 4 chromosomes in diploid condition, what will be the number of chromosomes after the telophase of meiosis 1?
2. Which of the following is observed after crossing over between chromosomes having a pericentric inversion and a normal chromosome?
3. What would be the number of chromosomes in the cells of the aleurone layer in a plant species with 8 chromosomes in its synergids?
4. In a hybridization experiment, a plant shows a phenotypic ratio of 15:1. How many genes control the trait for the observed phenotypic ratio?
5. Translocations of chromosomal material between nonhomologous chromosomes are called:
6. Which of the following represent the correct sequence in the cell cycle of plants?
7. Robertsonian translocation between Chromosome 21 and chromosome 14 in the human cause:
8. The polytene chromosome is formed due to:
9. In which mode of inheritance do you expect more maternal influence among the offspring?
10. The phase of the cell cycle where the genetic recombination exactly occurs is:
11. Presence of an extra chromosome in a eukaryotic cell is most likely due to:
12. If a gene product in species A is 90 % similar to gene product in species B. Such genes are termed as:
13. Which of the following chromosomal aberration causes Patau syndrome in human?
14. What will be approximate recombination frequency between two genes which are unlinked?
15. Triticum aestivum is a:

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