MCQ on Basics of Microbiology with Answer Key and Explanations (Microbiology MCQ03)

microbiology quizzes on basics

(Biology / Life Sciences MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions in Microbiology)

MCQ on Basics of Microbiology Part – 1
(Sample/Model/Practice Questions for NEET, AIPMT, M.Sc. and Medical Entrance Examination)

(1). Virulence of a microorganism can be best described as:

a.       The ability to penetrate into the host tissue
b.      The ability to colonize in the host
c.       The ability to produce a pathological symptom
d.      The ability to utilize the machinery of the host
e.       All of the above

(2). “The feeling of general discomfort” is called as:

a.       Arthritis
b.      Symptom
c.       Malaise
d.      Pain

(3). The utilization of elemental carbon by microbes during bio-geochemical cycle is called:

a.       Dissimilation
b.      Immobilization
c.       Mineralization
d.      Neutralization

(4). The first antibody to contact invading microorganism is:

a.       IgG
b.      IgA
c.       IgM
d.      IgD

(5). Which of the following vector(s) was extensively used in human genome project?

a.       Plasmid vector
b.      Yeast Artificial chromosome
c.       Cosmid vector
d.      (b) and (c)

(6). Which of the following is a sexual spore of fungi?

a.       Conidiospore
b.      Ascospore
c.       Teliospore
d.      Sporangiospore

(7). Kuru disease in human is caused by:

a.       Virus
b.      Virioids
c.       Prions
d.      Prions and Virioids

(8). Chondroid of some bacteria are better known as:

a.       Bacterial mitochondria
b.      Mesosomes
c.       Bacterial plastids
d.      Bacterial plasmids

(9). The resolving power of an optical microscope is:

a.       0.2  µm
b.      0.2 Å
c.       0.2 nm
d.      0.2 mm

(10). The reduction of virulence of a microorganism is known as:

a.       Attenuation
b.      Exaltation
c.       Inactivation
d.      Hibernation

(11). The process of enhancement of virulence of a microorganism is called as:

a.       Activation
b.      Hyper-activation
c.       Exaltation
d.      Tyndalization

(12). Which of the following structure is absent in Gram positive bacteria?

a.       Cell wall
b.      Teichoic acid
c.       Murein
d.      Outer membrane

(13).  Which of the following process is NOT possible to do by a Eukaryotic organism?

a.       Decomposition
b.      Nitrogen fixation
c.       Anaerobic respiration
d.      Causing disease

(14). Bacteria with a tuft of flagella found at one of the cell pole is called:

a.       Monotrichus
b.      Lophotrichus
c.       Peritrichous
d.      Polotrichous

(15).  The transfer of plasmid from one bacteria to a different strain is a best example for:

a.       Horizontal gene transfer
b.      Vertical gene transfer
c.       Homozygous gene transfer
d.      Heterozygous gene transfer

Biology / Life Sciences MCQ: Microbiology MCQ03: (Multiple Choice Questions / Model Questions / Sample Questions in Microbiology: Basics of Microbiology / Introductory Microbiology Part 1 with detailed answer key, explanations and references for preparing CSIR JRF NET Life Science Examination and also for other competitive examinations in Life Science / Biological Science such as ICMR JRF Entrance Exam, DBT BET JRF Exam, GATE (XL) Life Science Exam, GATE (BT) Biotechnology Exam, ICAR JRF Exam, University PG Entrance Exam, JAM Exam, GS Biology Exam, GRE, Medical Entrance Examination etc. This set of practice questions will help to build your confidence in Ecology to face the real examination. A large quantum of questions in our practice MCQ is taken from previous year question papers of various national and international Biology / Life Sciences competitive examinations. Please take advantage of our Lecture Notes, PPTs, Previous Year Questions, Mock Tests, and Video Tutorials for your preparation. You can download all these questions papers and study materials as PDF from our Slideshare account absolutely free (link given below).

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Answer Key and Explanations

The answer key is prepared with best of my knowledge and all of them may not be correct.
If you find any mistakes in my decision, you should point it out and it will be appreciated. Contact: Admin.

1. Ans. (c). The ability to produce a pathological symptom

The pathogenicity (ability of a microbe to cause a disease) of a microbe is determined by measuring the virulence of the pathogen.

2. Ans. (c). Malaise

3. Ans. (b). Immobilization

4. Ans. (c). IgM

5. Ans. (b). Yeast Artificial Chromosome (YAC)

YAC is a genetically engineered chromosome derived from yeast DNA. Advantage of YAC over bacterial plasmid is that it can carry large size inserts (100–1000 kb). YAC is extensively used in the chromosome walking process.

Sordaria fimicola ascus plus ascospore.jpg

Ascus with Eight Ascospores (source Wikipedia)

6. Ans. (b). Ascospore

Sexual spores in fungi: Ascospores, Basidiospores, Zygospore

Asexual spores in fungi: conidiospore, Clamydospores, sporangiospores, Tiliospores, Uredospores

7. Ans. (c). Prions

8. Ans. (b). Mesosomes

9. Ans. (a). 0.2 µm

10. Ans. (a). Attenuation

11. Ans. (c). Exaltation

12. Ans. (d). Outer membrane

13. Ans. (b). Nitrogen fixation

No eukaryotes have the capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen. This facility is available only in some prokaryotes.

14. Ans. (b). Lophotrichus

Monotrichous: Single flagellum at one end, Eg. Vibrio cholerae

Lophotrichous: Multiple flagella at one end

Amphitrichous: Two flagella, one on each end.

Peritrichous: Many flagella, located all over the surface

15. Ans. (a). Horizontal Gene Transfer

Horizontal gene transfer: between unrelated strains/species

Vertical gene transfer: between same strain/species

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