ICMR JRF Practice Question Paper for July 2016 Examination (Part 5)

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(1). ABA catabolism is mediated by

a.       ABA-8’ carboxylase
b.      ABA-8’ hydroxylase
c.       ABA-8’ aminotransferase
d.      ABA-8’ oxygenase

(2). Nodulating genes in Rhizobium are influenced by the presence of which one of the following in the roots?

a.       Flavones
b.      Lignin
c.       Tannins
d.      Cellulose

(3). Which of the following techniques is used for the evaluation of phylogenetic trees?

a.       Null hypothesis
b.      Bootstrapping
c.       Chi-square
d.      Probability

(4). One PAM means one accepted point mutation per

a.       102 residues
b.      10 residues
c.       103 residues
d.      104 residues

(5). Intestinal flora cannot digest

a.       Cellulose
b.      Lignin
c.       Pectin
d.      Starch

(6). All of the following are malignant neoplasms except

a.       Papilloma
b.      Liposarcoma
c.       Squamous cell carcinoma
d.      Neroblastoma

(7). Replication of papillomavirus is restricted to

a.       Epithelial cells
b.      Nerve cells
c.       Fibroblasts
d.      Reticulo-endothelial cells

(8). A mammalian cell has an outstretched double stranded DNA of 1.2 meters which duplicates in 4 hrs. If it duplicates at the rate of 20 µm/min, how many origins of replication are there in the DNA?

a.       2500
b.      250
c.       25
d.      1

(9). Cell cycle progression form one phase to another is primarily controlled by

a.       Phosphorylation of cyclin
b.      Proteolysis of cyclin
c.       Dephosphorylation of cylin
d.      Proteolysis of cylin dependent kinase

(10).  Elevation of intracellular inositol triphosphate (IP3) results in the release of CA2+ from which of the following organelles?

a.       Mitochondria
b.      Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
c.       Peroxisome
d.      Golgi-complex

(11).  Sperm DNA is covered by

a.       Lipids
b.      Protamines
c.       Carbohydrates
d.      Histones

(12).  Resting membrane potential of a biological membrane is close to the  theoretical Nernst potential for the ions that are

a.       Least abundant
b.      Most abundant
c.       Impermeable
d.      Permeable

(13).  Testosterone hormone necessary for spermatogenesis is secreted by

a.       Sertoli cells
b.      Leyding cells
c.       Spermatozoa
d.      Cowpers gland

(14).  When Hrf strain of E.coli is crossed with F- strain, recombinants obtained are

a.       Always F+
b.      Always HFr+
c.       Rarely F+
d.      Rarely HFr+

(15).  Cholesterol contributes to which of the following properties of biological membranes?

a.       Membrane rigidity
b.      Membrane fluidity
c.       Membrane permeability
d.      Membrane osmolarity

ICMR JRF Life Science Exam July 2016

Model Practice Question Paper (5) with Answer Key

ICMR JRF Model Questions  Part 1  | Part 2  |  Part 3 | Part 4  |  Part 5  | 

Answer key

1. Ans. (b). ABA-8’hydroxylase

2. Ans. (a). Flavones

3.  Ans. (b). Bootstrapping

4. Ans. (a). 102 residues

5. Ans. (d). Starch

6. Ans. (a). Papilloma

7. Ans. (a). Epithelial cells

8. Ans. (b). 250

9. Ans. (b). Proteolysis of cyclin

10. Ans. (b). Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

11. Ans. (b). Protamines

12. Ans. (d). Permeable

13. Ans. (b). Leyding cells

14. Ans. (c). Rarely F+

15. Ans. (b). Membrane fluidity

ICMR JRF Model Questions  Part 1  | Part 2  |  Part 3 | Part 4  |  Part 5  | 

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