ICMR JRF 2017 Model Question Paper with Answer Key (ICMR MCQ – 07)

ICMR JRF July 2017 Model Questions

ICMR JRF Life Science Exam July 2017
Model Question Paper (ICMR MCQ – 07)

(Practice Questions with Answer Key)

(1). Which of the following characteristic differentiate lysosome from other cell organelles?

a.       Lysosome is a micro organelle
b.      Lysosome is a single membrane bounded organelle
c.       Lysosomes present only in plants
d.      All the above

(2). The main function of carotenoid in photosynthesis is:

a.       Light absorption
b.      Prevention of photo-oxidation of chlorophyll
c.       Acts as light absorbing center
d.      Acts as the source of electrons

(3). Most essential features required to maintain a plasmid in a host cell is:

a.       Ability to transfect cells
b.      Antibiotic resistance
c.       Origin of replication and marker for selection
d.      Capacity to insert into the host genome

(4). Which of the following is a softwood tree?

a.       Mahogany
b.      Sal-tree
c.       Rosewood
d.      Cyperus

(5). In Pisum sativum, the pair of contrasting characters studied by Mendel was actually located on:

a.       One chromosome
b.      Two chromosomes
c.       Four chromosomes
d.      Seven chromosomes

(6). The exact reason for Mendel’s law of independent assortment is:

a.       Linkage
b.      Crossing over
c.       Disjunction
d.      Nondisjunction

(7). The number of linkage groups in an organism will be equal to:

a.       Number of autosomes
b.      Number of haploid set
c.       Number of diploid set
d.      2X number of diploid set

(8). Abzymes are:

a.       Zymogens
b.      Inactive proteinases
c.       Antibody with catalytic activity
d.      RNA with catalytic activity

(9). Which of the following organelle is absent in plants?

a.       Mitochondria
b.      Peroxisomes
c.       Glyoxysomes
d.      Lysosomes

(10).  Cytoplast is a:

a.       Enucleated protoplast
b.      A cytoplasmic hybrid
c.       A cell without cell wall
d.      A cell without vacuole

(11).  Individuals of a species inhabiting the same geographic area is called

a.       Allopatric
b.      Sympatric
c.       Parapatric
d.      Metapatric

(12).  Microtubules are the main components of:

a.       Spindle apparatus
b.      Muscle network
c.       Nuclear membrane complex
d.      Actin network

(13).  Antibody present in the saliva is:

a.       IgA
b.      IgG
c.       IgM
d.      IgD

(14).  In an ant colony, the male individuals will be:

a.       Haploid
b.      Diploid
c.       Triploid
d.      Polyploid

(15).  An important characteristic of a housekeeping gene:

a.       They are all inducible genes
b.      They are permanently kept inactive in somatic cells
c.       All expressed in all cells
d.      They are positively regulated genes.

Answer Key

1. Ans. (b). Lysosome is a single membrane-bounded organelle

2. Ans. (b). Prevention of photo-oxidation of chlorophylls

3. Ans. (c). Origin of replication and marker for selection

4. Ans. (d). Cyperus

Learn more: Difference between Hardwood and Softwood

5. Ans. (c). Four chromosomes

6. Ans. (c). Disjunction

7. Ans. (b). Number of haploid set

8. Ans. (c). Antibody with catalytic activity


Spindle Apparatus (Green): Image Source Wikipedia

9. Ans. (d). Lysosomes

10. Ans. (a). Enucleated protoplast

11. Ans. (b). Sympatric


12. Ans. (a). Spindle apparatus

13. Ans. (a). IgA

14. Ans. (a). Haploid

15. Ans. (c). All expressed in all cells

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