Genetics MCQ-2 on Sex Chromosomes and Sex Linked Inheritance

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Genetics Quiz on Sex Chromosomes and Sex Linked Inheritance

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1. The inbreeding coefficient of offspring on marriage between brother and sister sibling will be:
2. Sex determination in Melandrium album is:
3. Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B have nearly identical phenotypes, but they result from mutations in different genes on the X chromosome. This is an example of
4. Paternal grandfather is hemophilic, what is the probability of his grandson to be hemophilic?
5. In honey bees, males are developed parthenogenetically while workers are developed after sexual reproduction. The workers exhibit more similarity among themselves as compared to the queen. If the workers start giving organism parthenogenetically then the offspring would most likely resemble:
6. In Drosophila XO are males and XXY are female while in human XX are female and XY are males. On the basis of given information which statement is NOT true?
7. Among the following, which is a sex-linked disorder?
8. A cross between a red-eyed male fly and white-eyed female fly produces red-eyed female and white-eyed male progenies. While reciprocal cross produces all offsprings with red eyes. The trait for eye color is
9. Individuals having X chromosome and a short arm of Y chromosome are male while individuals having X chromosome and long arm of Y chromosome are female. This shows that
10. The ratio of X chromosome to Autosome in a Drosophila fly is 1.5. The sex of the individual will be
11. On the basis of statements given below, the mode of inheritance is:

• Mostly male shows the disease

• All male child developed from an affected mother are diseased

• Female develop disease only when her father is diseased and mother is a carrier
12. Which of the following pair of relatives will have the highest genetic correlation?
13. Among the following which statement is NOT correct for X-linked recessive disorder?
14. The dosage compensation in mammal females is achieved by:
15. In humans, an individual with a chromosomal condition of XXY will be:

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