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MG University PhD Botany Course Work Exam: Course II – Biological Techniques Dec 2015 Question Paper

Botany PhD course Work

Ph.D Programme in Botany
Botany Ph.D Course Work Examination December 2015
Paper/Course – II – Biological Techniques
Time: Three Hours                                                                     Maximum: 80 Marks

Part A
Answer any twelve of the following
Each question carries 5 marks

1.    Describe the physiological and biochemical changes during fruit ripening

2.    Give a diagrammatic representation of photosynthetic electron transport chain.

3.     Briefly describe: (a). Isoelectric focusing; and (b). Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.

4.     What is the working principle of GCMS? Specify the applications.

5.     Describe the technique used for the separation and identification of pigments.

6.     Explain the principles of centrifugation. Describe briefly the application of ultracentrifugation.

7.     Explain the role of chemicals used in the isolation of nucleic acids

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