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Difference between Oligotrophic and Eutrophic Lakes

characteristics of lake ecosystem

Oligotrophic vs Eutrophic Lakes
Similarities and Difference between Oligotrophic vs Eutrophic Lakes / Ponds

Lake Ecosystem is an example for a lentic ecosystem. An aquatic ecosystem with stationary or relatively still water is called lentic ecosystem. Based on the trophic state* and productivity, the lake ecosystem is divided into three categories.

(1). Oligotrophic lakes

(2). Eutrophic lakes

(3). Mesotrophic lakes

(1). Oligotrophic lake: a lake with low productivity, low nutrients and clear water with drinking water quality.

(2). Eutrophic lake: a lake with high productivity, high nutrients and with dark water. The water is usually not good for drinking purpose.

(3). Mesotrophic lake: a lake with intermediate nutrient level and productivity.

This post describes the similarities and differences between an Oligotrophic Lake Ecosystem and a Eutrophic Lake Ecosystem as a comparison table.

Similarities between Oligotrophic and Eutrophic Lakes / Ponds

Ø  Both are aquatic ecosystems.

Ø  Both are natural ecosystems.

Ø  Both contain biological and abiological components.

Ø  Water in both ecosystems is rich in oxygen.

Ø  Both are lentic ecosystems.

Ø  Both ecosystems show thermal stratification.

Difference between Oligotrophic and Eutrophic Lakes/Ponds

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