ICMR JRF 2017 Model Question Paper with Answer Key (ICMR MCQ – 07)

ICMR JRF July 2017 Model Questions

ICMR JRF Life Science Exam July 2017
Model Question Paper (ICMR MCQ – 07)

(Practice Questions with Answer Key)

(1). Which of the following characteristic differentiate lysosome from other cell organelles?

a.       Lysosome is a micro organelle
b.      Lysosome is a single membrane bounded organelle
c.       Lysosomes present only in plants
d.      All the above

(2). The main function of carotenoid in photosynthesis is:

a.       Light absorption
b.      Prevention of photo-oxidation of chlorophyll
c.       Acts as light absorbing center
d.      Acts as the source of electrons

(3). Most essential features required to maintain a plasmid in a host cell is:

a.       Ability to transfect cells
b.      Antibiotic resistance
c.       Origin of replication and marker for selection
d.      Capacity to insert into the host genome

(4). Which of the following is a softwood tree?

a.       Mahogany
b.      Sal-tree
c.       Rosewood
d.      Cyperus

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ICMR JRF July 2017 Exam Model Question Paper (ICMR MCQ 06)

ICMR JRF Life Science Exam July 2017
Model Question Paper (6)
(Practice Questions with Answer Key)

ICMR JRF Model Question Paper

1.  The exact function of leg hemoglobin in the root nodule induced by Rhizobium in legume plants is:           

a.       Transport of oxygen
b.      Transport of Nitrogenase to the nodule
c.       Transport of nitrates from the nodule
d.      Protection of Nitrogenase enzyme

2. The genome of CaMV (Cauliflower Mosaic Virus) is:

a.       Single stranded RNA
b.      Single stranded DNA
c.       Double stranded DNA
d.      Double stranded RNA

3. The Wallace line separates:

a.       Australia from Asia
b.      Japan from Philippines
c.       India from Madagascar
d.      Europe from Africa

4.  Parthenium is a ______.

a.       K selected species
b.      r selected species
c.       Hydrophyte
d.      Parasite

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Free Net Life Science Study Materials

CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences Exam: December 2016: Model Question Paper- Set 1/5

csir net jrf december 2016 question paper

CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences Examination: December 2016
Model Question Paper with Answer Key and Explanations – Set 1/5

1. The metal component of Nitrogenase enzyme is:

a.       Mananese
b.      Molybdenum
c.       Copper
d.      Zinc

2. The only plant hormone which is NOT translocated from the cells producing it:

a.       Auxin
b.      Ethylene
c.       Cytokinin
d.      Gibberillic acid

3. Ribosomal rRNA in eukaryotes are transcribed by:

a.       RNA Polymerase I
b.      RNA Polymerase II
c.       RNA Polymerase III
d.      RNA Polymerase I and III

4. RNA-DNA hybrid always adopt A form because of:

a.       Steric hindrance of –OH group in RNA
b.      Steric hindrance of –OH group in DNA
c.       Coiling of the molecule
d.      Presence of Uracil base in RNA

5. Which plant is the most efficient converter of solar energy?

a.       Wheat
b.      Sugarcane
c.       Rice
d.      Banana

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ICMR JRF Practice Question Paper for July 2016 Examination (Part 5)

icmr papers for practice

(1). ABA catabolism is mediated by

a.       ABA-8’ carboxylase
b.      ABA-8’ hydroxylase
c.       ABA-8’ aminotransferase
d.      ABA-8’ oxygenase

(2). Nodulating genes in Rhizobium are influenced by the presence of which one of the following in the roots?

a.       Flavones
b.      Lignin
c.       Tannins
d.      Cellulose

(3). Which of the following techniques is used for the evaluation of phylogenetic trees?

a.       Null hypothesis
b.      Bootstrapping
c.       Chi-square
d.      Probability

(4). One PAM means one accepted point mutation per

a.       102 residues
b.      10 residues
c.       103 residues
d.      104 residues

(5). Intestinal flora cannot digest

a.       Cellulose
b.      Lignin
c.       Pectin
d.      Starch

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