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Structure of Proteins (Biochemistry Lecture Notes)

protein structure

Protein Structure
(Primary, Secondary, Tertiary & Quaternary Structure of Proteins)

Learning objectives: Protein Structure: Primary Structure, Secondary Structure (Alpha Helix, Beta Plates, Beta Turns), Tertiary Structure, Quaternary Structure, Bonds Stabilizing different Protein Structures.

Protein Structure

Ø  Proteins are the polymers of amino acids. Individual amino acids (residues) are joined by peptide bonds to form the linear polypeptide chain. This linear polypeptide chain is folded into specific structural conformations or simply ‘structure’.  A protein can have up to four levels of structural conformations. Previously we have discussed but the ‘Bonds involved in Protein Structure”. In the present post, we will discuss different types of protein structures.

Ø  A protein can have Four levels of structural organization:

Ø  They are designated as:

(1). Primary Structure

(2). Secondary Structure

(3). Tertiary Structure

(4). Quaternary Structure

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Protein Structure PPT (4 Levels of Protein Structure)

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Protein Structure PPT
(4 Levels of Structures in Protein)

Protein Structure, Four Levels of Protein Structure, Primary Structure of Protein, Secondary Structure of Protein, Tertiary Structure of Proteins, Quaternary Structure of Proteins, Bonds Involved in Protein Structures, Peptide Bond, Hydrogen Bond, Hydrophobic Interactions, Hydrophilic Interactions, Alpha Helix, Beta Plats, Beta Conformations, Domains, Motifs

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