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DNA Repair Mechanisms: Biology MCQ 019 with Answer Key (Model Questions for CSIR NET and GATE Life Sciences Examination, December 2015)


1. Which of the following DNA repair mechanism is known as the ‘cut and patch mechanism’?

a.       Photoreactivation
b.      Nucleotide excision repair
c.       Base excision repair
d.      Mismatch repair

2. DNA helicase enzyme involved in base excision repair mechanism is______.

a.       DNA helicase I
b.      DNA helicase II
c.       DNA helicase III
d.      DNA helicase IV

3. In mismatch repair mechanism, which of the following protein recognize DNA mismatches in the genomic DNA?

a.       MutH
b.      MutS
c.       MutL
d.      UvrD

4. The main difference between nucleotide excision repair  (NER) and base excision repair (BER) is:

a.       In NER double strand breaks are repaired where as in BER single strand breaks repaired
b.      NER is a light dependent reaction whereas BER is light independent process
c.       In NER phosphodiester backbone is first cleaved where as in BER phosphodiester backbone is cleaved later
d.      All of these

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mcq biology

GATE XL 2016 Life Sciences Model Question Paper Zoology Optional Paper With Answer Key and Explanations Set 1 (MCQ 018)

GATE XL 2016 Life Sciences
ZOOLOGY Model Question Paper (MCQ 018)

GATE Life Sciences Sample Questions

(1). Which of the following taxa of Arthropoda possess prehensors?

a.       Trilobits
b.      Arachnidas
c.       Chilopodas
d.      Diplopodas

(2). In biological systematics the term ‘incertae sedis’ represents:

a.       An extinct taxa
b.      A fossil taxa
c.       A fossil specimen whose complete part is not yet characterized
d.      An enigmatic taxa

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