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Lecturer in Zoology: Kerala PSC Solved Question Paper 2014 (Download PDF)

Zoology Assistant Professor Kerala PSC

Kerala PSC Zoology Lecturer / Assistant Professor Recruitment Exam June 2014
Original Solved Question Paper
(Question Paper Code: 56/2014)

Original question paper of Kerala PSC Zoology Lecturer/Assistant Professor examination conducted by Kerala PSC (Public Service Commission) on 29/04/2014 (Q. Code 56/2014) for the appointment of Zoology Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Government Colleges of Kerala under the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Trivandrum, Kerala.

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biological chemistry

Carbohydrates Simple Lecture Notes: Definition, Types, Classification, Examples and Functions

Simple notes on carbohydrates

(Biochemistry of Carbohydrates: Introduction, Properties, Classification and Biological Significance)

Carbohydrates are polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones

significance of carbohydratesCarbohydrates are the most abundant bio-macro-molecules on the earth. They are commonly known as sugars because most of them have a sweet taste. Chemically all carbohydrates are polyhydroxy (contain many hydroxyl, – OH, groups) aldehydes or ketones. All carbohydrates are hydrates of carbon and they contain C, H and O. The ratio of hydrogen and oxygen in the majority of carbohydrates will be in 2:1 as in water. Some carbohydrates also contain nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur. Majority of carbohydrates, not all, have the empirical formula (CH2O)n. In biochemistry, carbohydrates are denoted as saccharides. The term saccharide is derived from a Greek word ‘sakkharon’ meaning sugar.

Green plants fix the energy of sunlight by photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, the light energy is converted into the chemical energy and it is stored in some carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch etc. The oxidative breakdown of these carbohydrates by respiration release the energy stored in them and this energy is utilized for the various metabolic activities of the cells.

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GS Biology Previous Papers Answer key

GS Biology 2017 Original Solved Question Paper with Answer Key (Download PDF)

TIFR GS Biology All Previous Year Solved Papers

GS Biology 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key: Official / Original Previous Year (Old) Solved Question Paper of TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) JGEEBILS (Joint Graduate Entrance Examination for Biology and Interdisciplinary Life Sciences) GS Biology Examination 2017 with Answer Key as PDF. GS Biology aspirants can download the question paper as single PDF file for your exam preparation. Please feel free to inform the Admin if you find any mistakes in the answer key.

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questions and answers Biology

Gujarat SET Life Sciences 2013 Solved Question Paper III (Download PDF)

SET Life Sciences Gujarat Papers

Gujarat SET Exam, September – 2013

Life Sciences Paper III Solved Question Paper

Official / Original Previous Year (Old) Solved Question Paper of Gujarat State Eligibility Test (K-SET) Examination 2013 September Life Science Paper III with Answer Key as a single Downloadable PDF file. SET Life Sciences aspirants can freely download the question paper for your exam preparation. Please feel free to inform the Admin if you find any mistakes in the answer key. To download the question paper as a single PDF file, please click on the download button below…

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